Our Recent Work

Men's Fellowship

Rev. Carl Pollard - President

Mission: The Men’s Fellowship Ministry is fellowship of bible believers who purpose to know who we are as true men and followers of God through Jesus Christ. We strive to share and constantly perfect our leadership skills by serving in our homes, on our jobs, in our communities, in our church and wherever God directs us individually or collectively on this tedious kingdom journey. While always being conscious of our surroundings where there is need and pausing daily for a fresh anointed dialogue with God

Health and Wellness Ministry

Sis. Geri Ford - President

Mission: to improve the health status of the members of our congregation and the people of the community. This ministry acknowledges that we must honor and worship God in mind, body, and spirit.

Women’s Fellowship

Deaconess Phyllis Pollard - President

Mission: The Women’s Fellowship of Mount Zion Baptist Church exists for the purpose of communing with other female believers in order to encourage one another’s walk with the Lord. We believe that all women have value in God’s eyes. We want to provide a spiritual pathway for growth and development by creating an environment where women can find love, acceptance, encouragement and a readiness to tell others about their faith in the splendor of knowing God and our responsibility to the mission of the church of Jesus Christ.


Deacon Leonard Parker - President

Mission: Ordained to a ministry of service. The deacon's service is three-fold:

service of the Word - proclaiming the Gospel message, teaching, conducing retreats, counseling

service of the altar - witnessing marriages, baptizing, presiding at wakes and funerals, conducting prayer services and Holy Communion

and service of charity - serving the poor, giving voice to those who are silenced, being involved in social injustice and rendering service to the sick and shut-in

Senior Enrichment Ministry

Sis. Gloria Gray and Bro. Anthony Gordon - Co-Presidents

Mission: Led by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to create and foster ongoing programs and activities in which senior members may enjoy a sustained experience of connection, spiritual growth, and personal affirmation within the Church body.

Young Adult Ministry


Sis. LaShawn Lee - President

Mission: The mission of the Young Adult Ministry of Mount Zion Baptist Church is to enlighten our paths for the future while being unified in Christ and helping our community to grow spiritually.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors

Mission: To pray for one another and come together in love and unity in Christ.

Hands of Glory

Bro. PeeJay Mack - President

Mission: The Mission of the Hands of Glory is to inspire, disciple and enable Christian dancers to use their creative abilities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the art of movement and facial expressions rather than primarily the spoken word. As well as relay the message of the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the community

Music Ministry

Bro. James Holmes - President

Mission: The Mission of the Mount Zion Choir to make the church a safe and constant place for all people to experience God’s love, peace, and joy through music. To create inclusive opportunities and expand participation, while exploring the journey of faith and life through music. To have a blend of voices and instruments to lead and inspire worship in the Sunday worship services. To bring as many people as possible into personal faith in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord